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Welcome to the Revolution

Tomorrow's Shared Economy
built on a Global Decentralized Telecoms Network

Global Telecommunications have come to define the 21st century.
Connectivity is the foundation on which the digital economy is being built.

The Bx Solution

A Decentralized Telecom Network - enabling…

Standardisation     |     Automation     |     Transparency     |     Efficiency






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Staking Rewards


Delivering DLT Solutions for Real-World Telecom Efficiency.

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Why the Bx Ecosystem

Telecom infrastructure. Decentralized.

Bx Protocol

Bx Protocol

A settlment layer for Telecom Operators

Recording all routing and settlement transactions worldwide across Global Telecom Networks.

Enabling seamless cross border payments with near real-time invoice settlement.

Bx Connect

Our Telecom Operator and MVNO

Routing Voice and SMS transmission globally in the Wholesale Telecom Market.

From Single Routes to Global Access - Bx Connect serves as a gateway to fast, transparent, and dependable access within Global & Emerging Carrier Markets

Bx Connect


Global Decentralized Exchange for Telecom Markets

Providing social and financial liquidity to the Wholesale Telecom Market for the very first time. 

Opening the landscape to a multi-sided market enabling a Global Sharing Economy.

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A multi-utility token which is at the heart of the Bx ecosystem

Coming Soon: Q4 2024

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Mobile World Congress 2024​

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Explore innovation, meet industry giants and unlock opportunities – at the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event.

Barcelona, Spain | 26 - 29 February 2024


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